Lofer News
There is so much to do and see in and around Lofer in both winter and summer. We constantly update these pages to pass on news and ideas passed on by our guests.

Lofer News

Its not all just about skiing!!
Mad fun at nearby Strub.

Only the Austrians could find such a novel use for an old inner tube! Hire one and walk up the purpose built path (floodlit in the evenings) and throw yourself off the 360m steeply banked course. The colder the weather the faster you go. Experiment singularly at first and when confident tie yourselves together for extreme speed. We have been many times and as you can see in the picture above you can easily loose one of your party on the way down!  There is a warm cosy bar at the hotel for anyone tired, a non participant or just plain lazy!  Prices are 8.50 euros for an hour - believe us that's all you will be able to cope with! The course is 8 minutes drive from the house and located behind Hotel Brandtnerhof at Strub. Open Tuesday - Saturday 2pm - 8pm and Sundays 2pm - 6pm
Feed yourself and the reindeers at a mountain restaurant, then tobbogan down to the valley.

A restaurant with a difference
Just above Lofer sits the beautiful Knappenstadl restaurant. You can see it from the house. In the summer it is a perfect destination to walk to for lunch or an early evening meal whilst enjoying the spectacular views overlooking Lofer. However in winter this destination is unique. In the evenings you can watch the reindeers come to feed under floodlight, hire a toboggan and enjoy floodlit sledging whilst supping on a traditional hot gluhwine or similar. Afterwards, or instead of, you can partake in a delicious meal besides the roaring open fire. To get back to Lofer you can sledge to the valley floor or, for the less energetic, hire a taxi. The restaurant has its own transport as well. The restaurant serves between 11am - 4pm and 5pm - 11pm. Best to check they are open though Tel.+43 6588 8449  or mail info@knappenstadl.at
White water rafting

Just a 10 minutes walk from the house will get you to the beautiful river Saalach where you can learn to kyak in gentle river areas or for the thrill seekers take a raft riide on the roaring white water. Lofer is on the annual world cup kyaking championships circuit - you have been warned!
Meet the locals

Lofer is surrounded by spectacular scenery, waterfall strewn mountain walks and lakeside restaurants. Why not take the village cable car upto the beautiful Lofer Alm, introduce yourselves to the locals, and stroll to one of the many mountain restaurants for a delicious lunch.